Chase Stanley

I really do enjoy your products, and this customer service shows why, I'll continue to be a customer. I haven't had time to install the new handle set with the holidays and all

Matt Mitchell

Some of the kindest most generous people I've ever met in my entire life. If you are looking for a toolbox these are definitely the people you want to see, you'll never receive better service anywhere else. Special thanks to Tammy and Marie, my family and I thank you!

Dale Hoff

These guys have some of the coolest and best looking tool boxes I have ever seen. They are strong and durable and I love the carpeted inside. You guys do great work.

Josh Skunk

Best toolbox I've ever owned. Had mine for ten years and been in two different trucks. No other toolbox I've owned has lasted this long and stayed operational.

Wanda Singletary

I absolutely love my Camlocker toolbox! It's the best tool box on the market. I have the black powder coated box and I love that it! It does not cast a glare and it still looks brand new. No chipping or cracking in the paint job = happy customer!

Shane Knowles

I've had my box going on 5 years. It has held up to everything I've put it through. No leaks, plenty of room, and still looks good. These are worth every penny.

Nickolas Powers

Had a UWS but was not pleased with the thickness of material, finish, durability or lid. Should have a bought the Camlocker in the first place but I was trying to pinch pennies. Your product is unrivaled by all in my opinion. Please keep up the good work.

Joey Roberts

Camlocker is the very best Toolbox made. I’ve got two of them. I love everything about them. Keep up the good work guys.

Amy SadlerAmy Sadler

Just another satisfied customer and friend of The Camlocker Girls!

Chad Turner

These people are great!!! Very very friendly, family oriented!!! They make the best tool boxes for trucks around!!!! Please go and check them out and you will see what I am saying is true!!! I wouldn't have anything else!! God Bless!!!

Landon Wolf

My tool box isn't as pretty as it once was, but it's still in good shape. I've used it pretty hard, but it's held up to the test of time.